How It All Got Started

For some time, I have been involved in meetings with fellow veterans through peer group support sessions. I have shared with several of my combat buddies that I had a desire to do something to reduce the number of veterans committing suicide daily; the numbers were averaging more than 20 per day. One of them said, “At your age do you think you can make a difference?” That was when the Lord inspired the concept of collecting warrior’s stories and testimonies about their stressors and what they did to overcome the urge to take their lives.

"If it helps to save one life, then it's worth it."

With an initial batch of testimonies, this guidebook was born. Military testimonies started filling my inbox, and almost everyone I spoke with wanted to help their fellow veterans. One veteran said, “If it helps to save one life then it’s worth it.” Non-military men and women who have also suffered trauma have shared their testimonies, and so we decided to include their stories as part of this undertaking. Stress is stress, whether you are veteran or civilian. At that time, we realized that others who did not serve in the military served in their own way, through their families, community, church, or schools, and coped with their stressors daily and so we honor them as well.

Some of the contributors have requested anonymity and so we have respected their privacy by identifying them by pseudonyms. Many of the stories you will read in this book are the innermost thoughts and reflections of experienced traumas, many of whom are sharing their stories for the first time in this book.

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