Board Members

Charles B. “Chuck” Wright


Ted Lukeman

I was born an Army brat on a cold rainy Wednesday in January in the first half of the last century. Although we moved around often enough, (Japan, Germany) we always returned to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. I graduated from MacArthur High in San Antonio in 1965.

Both the Army and the Navy were drafting during the Viet Nam war. My draft number was low, so I
joined the Navy in 1966. I was stationed first at NAS (Naval Air Station) Kingsville, TX. until mid-1968.
From there I was transferred to NAS Virginia Beech and attached to Fighter Squadron 31 which flew off
the USS Saratoga in the Sixth Fleet. We kept the Soviet Fleet in check. I was either at the Naval Air
Station or deployed in the fleet until my honorable discharge in 1970.
I came to Houston after departing from the service and attended the University of Houston from 1970
until 1974 when I received my BBA in Finance.
After college, I worked for various large corporations and then in 1985 joined a broker/dealer and
became a financial advisor. I am still actively engaged in that field and broker through Royal Alliance,
part of Advisor Group.
I am an active member of Lakewood Methodist Church and have attended there since 2007. As an active
member I am part of the Sheepdog Ministry which deals with urgent situations involved with the church.
I am also part of the Stephen Ministry which walks with people in trying times with the help of the Lord.
I am married to Janet, my wife of 45 years, am a father of two, a daughter and son and a grandfather of
two a granddaughter and grandson.
In 2022, I became the treasurer of STP Warriors with Chuck Wright who is the CEO.

Jo Ann Rotermund

I am author of the book, The Forgiveness Habit, an Action Plan for Healing Ourselves and Our Planet. My husband and I have been married for 56 years and we are very happy together. We have two very adult children, and two young adult grandchildren.

What I learned from several years of therapy and practicing those lessons afterwards, was that no matter what happened that upset me, I should forgive and let it go!!!   Then I should make a list of 20 to 30 people, places, things I am grateful for, go through the list several times thanking God for each one, especially for any people who are on the list. I promise you that the more you express forgiveness and gratitude daily, the happier you will be.  Also make note, a chapter in the STP book, titled How Forgiveness and Gratitude Transformed My Life is my contribution to the book. I hope you will read it.​

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